Technology Solutions

What is a Technology Solutions Company anyway?

Own your own business? Trying to keep up with the competition? Tired of all the technical jargon? Wireless networking? Cloud computing? Voice over IP? Ethernet? Which of today's technologies will help you run your business efficiently, and in the most cost effective way? We offer small business IT services without headache.

Which Solution is right for You?

Here at Straight Talk Technical, we know all the terms, and all the latest technologies, so you don't have to. We'll talk straight, and help you understand which ones are right for you. And how implementing them can help you save time and money. With 30 years of experience, we can provide affordable IT services, support and consulting for computer and phone systems, cabling, communications and managed IT.

Whether you are need qualified technicians to help keep your systems up and running, or are planning to upgrade your current equipment, we can help. Contact us to set up an appointment now.

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Technology Solutions Company

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Servicing Metro Detroit and the tri-county area. For out of area service, please contact a representative.